Zeincro has joined forces with Excelya to provide comprehensive services across Europe that will best serve our customers’ needs. Together, we have become The Excelya Group.

Key Therapeutic Areas by Sites & Patients

With the completion of more than 550 studies covering a broad range of therapeutic areas by our clinical operation departments ZEINCRO offers a portfolio of proven experience.


ZEINCRO has an extensive experience in managing Phase I-IV as well as large post marketing non-interventional studies in cardiology, oncology, CNS, metabolic diseases & endocrinology and heamatology which represent the majority of the pharmaceutical/biotechnology product pipeline.

Key Therapeutic Areas by Sites & Patients Graph

data derived from studies completed by December 2016


ZEINCRO is a leading contract research organization covering more than 21 countries in Europe, with a special focus in the region of Central and South Eastern Europe (Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, FYROM, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine).

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